Highlights from "2 Bikes, 300 Miles"

2 Bikes & 300 Miles. Yep, just the two of us. Best friends. Old college teammates. Passionate about education in two unique ways. Zoe Unruh and Jaimie McFarlin biked the Potomac River. [Basically] start to finish. From the Cumberland, Maryland to the mouth at the Chesapeake Bay. It was our way of fundraising for two great causes:


AdmitLink – a brand new college access non-profit that trains community organizations and mentorship programs about the college admissions process and is looking to expand into Washington, D.C.


Bridging the Watershed – an outreach education program that promotes student academic achievement, personal connections with the natural world, lifelong civic engagement, and environmental stewardship. (www.fergusonfoundation.org/bridging-the-watershed/)


Donations changed the lives of D.C. students.

2 Bikes. 300 Miles. Adventurous. Exciting. And yes, a little crazy.